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The Awards

No single showcase celebrates the full potential of motion design.
Let’s do it together.

Motion design has matured into a complex, thriving community.

The Motion Awards by Motionographer are an attempt to shine a light on the people and work that comprise that community.

Mar 16 / 2020 OPEN for entries!
Mar 16 - Apr 30 / 2020 Early Submissions ($198)
May 1 - Jun 30 / 2020 Normal Submissions ($298)
Jul 1 - Jul 31 / 2020 Extended Submissions ($298)
December 10 / 2020 The Motion Awards Live!
The Judges

Distinguished and diverse, our panel of over 150 judges represents the full spectrum of motion design.

Why so many?

No single judge should have too much power. Increasing the number of judges ensures fairness while allowing for divergent viewpoints.