Shortlist Judge

Gabriela Re


Gabriela Re is a multimedia creative and designer, equipped with a multitude of disciplines and resolved that wearing no single hat, feathered heel, or iridescent parka serves innovation best. Born in Guatemala, now based in New York City, an indelible global influence across her creative work and personal ethos defines her output. This is distilled in a future forward design approach, limitless empathy in thought leadership, and perpetual research/self education.

Gaby’s passion for digital culture, graphic design, fashion, and technology has driven me to partner with and innovate for clients including Away, Nike, Spotify, Philips, Instagram, and A24. Through her creative platform,, she is exploring the broader impact of globalized corporate culture and its influence on technology, commerce, aesthetics and linguistic vernaculars.


Gaby’s output has been recognized by Cannes Lions, the Webby Awards, Clios, the One Show, D&AD, the Lovie Awards, and the FWA. As of now.