Finalist Judge

Zander Brimijoin

Red Paper Heart

Zander Brimijoin is Creative Director and Co Founder of Red Paper Heart, an interactive art studio in Brooklyn. After over 10 years as an Art Director, and an MFA to boot, Zander left his career to combine art, technology... and bears. The result was Red Paper Heart, a studio that has created large scale installations for likes of HBO, Sonos, BMWi, MOMI, and Google. Zander makes people run, jump, and maybe even find unexpected joy in life.

Awards and Press
Cannes Lion, ADC, FWA, Comm Arts, Fast Co, StashMedia, Wired, AdAge, Vice, Creative Applications, Verge, NY Times, and Motionographer:)

Exhibited at The Phi Centre, MOMI, La Gaite Lyrique, Walker Art Center, CADAF, and the Obama era White House lawn ( bucket list ).

Speaker at: Reasons to Be Creative, AIGA, Styleframes, Camp Festival and FITC.

I have also accomplished many plates of brisket, yum.