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Metro Exodus / Elastic

Category Description

Title sequence for a game

Project Description

This title sequence for Metro Exodus was a semi abstract interpretation of the journey the hero embarks upon in the game. The stark setting reflects the slow decay of society and the fragility of our hero experience. Using the delicate nature of snow frozen in a moment was to interpret the effects each character has on the journey of others as they try to escape the confines of their world to find a new beginning.

We designed and executed the piece in CG, keeping the shots as moments frozen in the tundra of this broken city. The worn away look capturing the slow decline of Russian society. Using the visuals of snow helped to capture the delicate balance that the player would experience and using a variety of techniques in CG allowed us to heighten every detail of the experience with the effect of one scene leading to the next.


Deep Silver / 4A Games

Design Studio:

Creative Director:
Andy Hall

Lead Compositor:
Shahana Khan

Additional Compositor:
Daniel Raschko

CG Lead:
Adam Newman

3D Artists:
Ian Ruhfass, Jun Kim, Phiphat Pinyosophon, Jose Limon, Mike Bettinardi

Head of 3D:
Kirk Shintani

Max Ulichney, James Levy, Henry DeLeon

Storyboard Artist:
Lance LeBlanc

Danny Hirsch

Pitch Producer:
Meredith Cherniack

Executive Producer:
Luke Colson

Head of Production:
Kate Berry

Managing Director:
Jennifer Sofio Hall