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Hobbes x Firefly Drone Shows / Hobbes

Category Description

Motion design for an installation, projection or location-based experience (not necessarily interactive)

Project Description

In 2019, Firefly Drone Shows approached Hobbes about animating their ever growing fleet of drones. Hobbes took it as a challenge to go beyond the original task and create a system that was smart enough to choreograph new and complex formations dynamically and safely while abiding by FAA regulations. In doing so, Firefly's drone shows were elevated to incredible new heights; the system we built allowed us to quickly graduate from animating 60 to 300 drones and counting. Unique perspective and animation techniques were also developed to achieve harmonious formations that transition seamlessly from one to the next. The Hobbes / Firefly partnership continues to foster new techniques and smarter systems for quick iteration and smooth flying. We are excited to share what we've been working on and hope you can catch a show in person someday!


Directed by:

Ford, Boy Scouts of America, Firefly Drone Shows

Firefly Team:
Kyle Dorosz, Ryan Sigmon, Adam Grey

Drone Animation

Creative Direction:
Nick Forshee

Ben Dresser

Nick Forshee, Adam Zimmer, Billy Chitkin

Tech Lead:
Kyle Dorosz

Creative Direction:
Eddy Nieto

Ashley Carey, Adam Zimmer

Eddy Nieto, Adam Zimmer

Sam Griffith, Eddy Nieto

Kyle Dorosz, Dimitrius Ramirez

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