I am Intersex / Antimatter

Category Description

Content specific to the LGBTQ community.

Project Description

Talking about gender topics has never been easy.
Talking about intersex is even more challenging since the word itself is virtually unknown by the vast majority of the public.

That's why Buzzfeed LGBT and ILGA asked us to team up with them to create a video that was made available to a network of LGBT social channels to raise awareness on what intersexuality is.
We came up with a script that, for us, was delicate, poetic and clear enough. It came natural to opt for traditional animation techniques as they allowed us to give a more authentic life to the characters and ensure a human touch behind the production.

The heartfelt voice you hear in the video is from Pidgeon Pagonis, artist and leading intersex activist from the States.


ILGA/Buzzfeed LGBT

Animation Studio:

Eugenio Orsi

Creative Direction:
Emanuele Colombo

Art Direction:
Giuliano Buttafuoco

Character Animation:
Simone Di Rocco, Stefano Meazza

Character clean up:
Simone Di Rocco, Stefano Meazza, Giuliano Buttafuoco

Animation and Compositing:
Emanuele Colombo

Sound design:
Daruma Audio

Voice Over:
Pidgeon Pagonis