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Project Description

We were commissioned by Spotify to create 11 videos and 25 illustrations for their 2019 Premium Campaign. The theme across the videos was ever-changing moods and the ability of music to help shape and change our feelings.

We created a character for this global campaign to work across Spotify's 72 markets and went through various iterations of clothing and style to create an easily-identifiable, modern, gender-neutral character with no specific age or race. We then focussed on the 12 moods we wished to portray, from positive and full of energy to more sombre and subtle videos. Across the series we wanted to contrast of the energetic, often comical animation with a more refined and detailed clothing.


Production Company:
Cabeza Patata

Cabeza Patata - Katie Menzies & Abel Reverter

Lead 3D Direction:
Laura Sirvent & Abel Reverter

Clothing and Textile Design:
Katie Menzies

Clothing Design & Fabrication:
Abel Reverter & Laura Sirvent

2D Pattern Design:
Katie Menzies

Lead Character Animator:
Raúl Ibarra

Character Rigging:
Laura Sirvent

Character Animation

Chill: Andrea Ferrara
Energetic: Daniela Avilés
Celebratory: Andrea Ferrara
Happy: Pablo Gonzalez
Optimistic: Raúl Ibarra
Empowered: Raúl Ibarra
The Feels: Daniela Avilés
Stressed: Pablo Gonzalez
Love: Charlotte Kristof
Exited: Raúl Ibarra
Confident: Pablo Gonzalez

2D Animation:
Phong Luong

In-House Agency:
Spotify / New York