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OFFSET / Folding Waves

Category Description

Original music composition for a motion design project

Project Description

OFFSET was created for Offset Dublin '19 - the leading conference for the design and creative industries in Ireland. The film was directed by Andrea Arice and selected by Stash magazine in the Best of Stash 2019: Event Films category.

The piece is a celebration of the creative, the creative mind and the place a creative inhabits. It is made up of five different sequences, each with its own distinct audiovisual aesthetic. The real challenge musically/sonically was transitioning between these worlds, and making each scene unique, but still connected and cohesive. We recorded a female vocalist, a cellist and violinist, and scattered heavily processed little nuggets of these performances throughout the piece, to tie several different genres and tempos of music together.

All music and sound design was composed and produced by Damian Molony and Simon Bird.


Windmill Create

Director / CG Artist

CG Artist & Motion Design
Chris McLoughlin
Manus Goan

Folding Waves / Number 4

Music & Sound Design
Damian Molony
Simon Bird

Mathilde Bosquillon de Jenlis (violinist)
Gabrielė Dikčiūtė (cellist)
Rachael Lavelle (vocalist)