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La Casa de Papel / Nerdo

Category Description

A single spot prominently featuring motion design created to promote a television or streaming show

Project Description

In occasion of the new Casa de Papel season, Netflix Italia decided to celebrate the gang of thieves with a 80s-style cartoon opener, to be promoted on their social pages. We worked together with Prodigious - Publicis Group and Netflix Italia to recreate the classic anime atmosphere, focusing on the developing the peculiarities of each character and reproducing the most iconic scenes of the TV series. The song is realized by Cristina D'Avena, the most famous Italian singer, nationally considered a myth for having sung all the openers for every cartoon in the 80s-90s.


Nerdo Studio

Creative and Art Direction:
Alessandro Durando

Claudia Losini

Designers and Animators:
Dalila Rovazzani
Giacomo D'Ancona
Francesca De Toni
Giulia Manna


Netflix Italia

Cristina D'Avena

Original Song:
My Life is Going On

Cecilia Paula Krull / Juan Manuel Santisteban Gimeno
© Musica Aparte Sa